Who I am

simonThis is the bit where I get to talk about myself but don’t worry, I’ll keep it as brief as possible.

I’ve been working as a Psychologist since 1991.  In the intervening years, I’ve pursued two strands of psychology – one working with individuals and couples as a Counselling Psychologist, and the other as a Business Psychologist focusing on workplace issues.

Whilst working with a wide range of clients and backgrounds, I don’t want to pretend to be all things to all people and have therefore focused my energies on helping clients across a relatively small number of issues and built my expertise there.

As well as working for myself, I work on workplace issue with Mendas and have been offering my services to the Terrence Higgins Trust charity since 2004.

Without wanting to sound too earnest, I’m driven by my belief in psychology as a power for good, and my need to see psychology make a difference in people’s lives rather than simply as a raft of tools, theories and research findings.

Whilst counselling offers a unique space for clients, I’m a firm believer that insight and change will only come about if clients are prepared to do some work.  My job is to share with them in this work, and focus upon supporting clients to better understand themselves and their experiences.

As a psychologist, results matter to me.  This applies to my own work, as well as keeping abreast of current thinking and research findings, some which I comment on as part of my blog

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