Let’s hear it for the introvert

We’ve heard from Susan Cain in her book ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking’ that Western society discriminates against introverts. As a confirmed introvert myself, I do have a view on this, more of which later. But let’s first of all look at the enduring interest in the introversion-extraversion dimension. There is certainly an … Read more

So just what is a good counselling outcome (Pt 2)?

Continuing from Part 1, here are the rest of my research findings into what a client counselling experience can look like. Before and during therapy, clients may only have a vague sense of how counselling might help them and what their actual goals and expectations are of the process.  Indeed, this may change as the process unfolds.  Not having specific … Read more

So just what is a good counselling outcome (Pt 1)?

As you would hope, a lot of research has been conducted into assessing counselling effectiveness.  If we are counsellors are offering a service, it’s right and proper that we seek to ensure that this service is providing some value for the clients it is serving. This then begs the question ‘what does a good counselling outcome look like?  Seeking to … Read more