Counselling outcomes

Counselling shouldn’t be a series of cosy chats.  If you are engaging in counselling it’s because you’ve identified a need and have decided that counselling could help address this need.  How it can help should and will vary from individual to individual and couple to couple.  Here are some examples of outcomes that my clients have experienced:

  • “I feel I know myself so much better”
  • “My partner and I have learned how to communicate with each other better”
  • “I understand why I keep making poor partner choices”
  • “I realise I shouldn’t be so hard on myself”
  • “We’ve actually realised we would be happier apart than together”
  • “I understand why I get stressed at work and have learned some useful coping mechanisms to deal with it”
  • “We’ve successfully negotiated an open relationship”
  • “I’m still angry with my parents for the way they brought me up but at least I feel I can live with that now”
  • “I just feel more positive about life and have more energy”
  • “I feel better able to stand up for myself”
  • “Now I can have sex without being on drugs”
  • “I know what my triggers are now and can better manage them”

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