Number of sessions

When starting, many clients ask the question ‘how many sessions do you think I need?’  Whilst I would like to give you a definitive answer, you are in fact the best person to judge this.  With this in mind, you can have as few or as many sessions as you feel you need.

As a guide, 6-12 sessions would be considered as short-term work, with long-term work considered to be six months or more.  How long we work together would be dictated to a large extent by the nature of the issues you want to address, and how useful you are finding the work.  In the first instance, you may want to commit to a small number of sessions and then take stock to ensure that you are making the progress you are hoping for.

You may want to do some work in between sessions and the nature of this work would be agreed during the sessions.  Examples include keeping a regular diary, some recommended reading, or trying out some communication exercises with your partner.

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