Do you experience one or more of the following and feel it’s a concern for you?

  • Think you need drugs or drink to have a good time
  • Worry about your current drinking or drug use
  • Feeling sexually compulsive or out of control
  • Worry about the types of drugs you use
  • Feeling that drugs or drink are spoiling your sex life
  • Feeling guilty or ashamed about your sexual activity

How counselling can help

Addictions are often misunderstood as there is an unhelpful focus upon the person’s behaviour e.g. compulsively watching on-line porn, and less on the nature of the addiction itself and what purpose it is serving.

As there is invariably some level of enjoyment or comfort associated with an addiction or other well-rehearsed patterns of behaviour, there can be a high level of ambivalence associated with the prospect of changing these behaviours.  Counselling can help you understand the nature of this ambivalence and clarify for yourself your motivation to change.

If there is a desire to change, counselling can help provide the necessary support to make this a reality.

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