Do you experience one or more of the following?

  • Attracted to people of the same gender and not sure what to do about it
  • Confused about your sexuality
  • Feeling lonely because you feel different to other people
  • Not knowing whether or how to come out to friends and family

How counselling can help

By its very nature, a person’s sexuality is unique to them.  However, we are influenced by those around us and may go to great lengths to fit in with expectations of others without paying attention to our own needs.

This can be prevalent where our sexuality doesn’t fit with society’s ‘norm’.  It then takes courage and sacrifice to come to terms with our own sexuality and the prospect that it won’t fit in with this norm.  Counselling offers a supportive and safe place to undertake this exploration and make choices about what type of life you want to lead, and the extent to which you are prepared to challenge others’ perceptions of you if the prize if living a more authentic life.

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